The co-operative pre-school movement began as a means of enabling families to benefit from a social enrichment program which involved parents in the administration of the school as well as the development in all areas of the child’s growth – social, emotional, physical and cognitive.  The parents and teachers work together to operate the school.  Many duties are performed by the parents, supplies are donated by the parents and fundraising is required by all families. This enables us to offer lower fees than a non co-operative school.

Co-op schools are regulated and licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Day Nurseries Act) and must follow stringent guidelines as well as pass yearly inspections.  St. James is a member of the Hamilton and Area Co-op Council.  At St. James our member families are considered part owner-operator of a team which together strives to create the best possible pre-school environment for our children.  We believe that your lives will be enriched by the experience.