Below is families appreciation for St. James
as well as anonymous testimonials.

  • Our family could not have found a better pre-school program for our son. The amount of care, affection, activities and learning he received was incredible. The teachers were amazing and truly love the children. We are so incredibly lucky to have experienced this enriched program and will be sending our daughter next year.


  • I have loved our experience at St James and would highly recommend it to any perspective families. We found the small class sizes and community incredibly beneficial to our child’s development. The teachers are absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the level of education my child has received over the last 2 years with the school, we will be sad to leave it behind.


  • This has been a very welcoming and understanding community. Our son has grown so much with the school staff and has been such a game changer for him! Words cannot describe how amazed and happy we are with the St. James staff.


  • The co-op element of St. James really allows you be an active part of your child’s early education, and share amazing memories with your child.


  • This is our first year with the school for our two year old. It has gone above and beyond our expectations, I cannot say enough good things about the teachers. Our daughter talks about them constantly at home. She has learned and picked up so many things from school that she comes home and surprises us with. The community is exceptional, from the other parents to the staff it’s a really good atmosphere for everyone. They also do a very good job with events and activities for both the kids having little field trips as well as some evening events for the parents that are always enjoyable.


  • St. James co-op preschool is an amazing community filled with great opportunity for families to grow. A chance for families to build and network with one another and the Dundas neighbourhood , as it did for myself and family, being new to the Dundas area. They were warm and welcoming. I feel with small class settings , there is more one on one, quality time with the students which helps them to grow stronger and more independent. I absolutely love and would recommend this wonderful preschool to anyone.


  • Our experience with the teachers and experience at St. James has even one of a kind. My usually reserved son has blossomed in the environment and learned so much from his time at St. James.


  • We chose St James because of its amazing reputation and it did not disappoint! Our son absolutely adores it. He acclimated so quickly and loves his teachers and preschool friends so much. The community at St James was so warm and we’ve made new friends for years to come. 🙂


  • We are so lucky we found this little school when we first moved to Dundas! It truly is a hidden gem. St.James has been the most wonderful and enriching experience for all three of my kids over the past 7 years. Not only does it provide a safe and loving environment for little people, the teachers focus on building strong relationships with students and their families which provides a level of connection, learning and community you just can’t find anymore.