“As a paediatric occupational therapist who has spent many years working in daycare settings, I can honestly say this place is special. A big part of that comes from the staff and their genuine love of what they do- and it’s obvious in the way they make every occasion special and in how they show up for the kids every day. Another part comes from their phenomenal curriculum that supports early literacy skills, science, social skills- and for my kid it has fostered an early love of learning that has been amazing to see. I couldn’t have asked for anything better for my child- they have done an incredible preparing him for kindergarten.
When I asked my son about his favourite thing about St. James he said “I like all the teachers!”
– Kids Club Parent and Child, 2023-2024

“From his first day, our son has loved the Kids Club program. Every day involves themed subject learning, like science and the ABCs, at an age-appropriate level, and the children consistently exceed expectations. The teachers have taught the parents, too: preschoolers are capable of so much more than we think!  They treat the kids with respect and kindness, with lessons through crafts, art, games, songs, imaginative play, gardening, field trips, family events, and so much more. Our son has learned many valuable life skills as well, encouraging his growing independence and confidence. Our little kid has blossomed into a young boy this year because of his teachers and this community. And all of this is why we’ve chosen to put our son in their kindergarten program, KinderGrow, next year. 

[my child]: “Is it a school day?”
Me: “Yes.”
[my child]: “YAY!”
– Kids Club Parents and Child, 2023-2024

The KinderGrow program exceeded our expectations in every way! Our son loved going to school and came home each day proudly sharing what he learned. He flourished in the class; his leaps in literacy, numeracy and language skills were an undeniable testament to the dedicated and skilled teaching style of Ms.B. In addition, the small class size and supportive environment helped him further develop his confidence and social skills. Lastly, the program fostered a sense of community and belonging that will remain with our son and our family well beyond our years at St. James.
– KinderGrow Parents, 2023-2024

Our time with St. James Co-op has been extraordinary. The Print Works program helped to accelerate our daughter’s reading and language skills through creative exploration and open-dialogue class discussions. The programming topics are centred around community and global travel! Our daughter would come home and share all the beautiful places they had ‘traveled’ to and some interesting facts they learned along the way. The calming environment allowed our daughter to decompress after a long day at public school while enriching her with knowledge far beyond her years.
– Print Works Parents, 2022-2023


Pictured above: “I love this program so much is that you have a nice heart. You help me when I need it. My favourite thing about is I have so much nice teachers and friends. And my teachers take care of me. Love Mackenzie.”
– Print Works Student, 2022-2023

“Mrs. Walker is a comfortable presence in the Superstars classroom.  My daughter feels safe around her.”
– Superstars Parent, 2019-2020

“My daughter has learned so much in her 2 years at St. James. It has been such a great experience for her to make her feel comfortable going to school in September. The teachers have made the kids feel so ready for big school!”
– Kids Club Parent, 2019-2020

“Sure, you can sign me up for two duties in April…It’s the least I can do to say thanks for the great experience [my child] has had this year.  A few people have asked me why I chose St. James, so here are some of my reasons:

  • age specific programs
  • flexible arrangements around number of days, duties etc.
  • multiple rooms
  • close to library, driving park, early years centre, shopping for those parents with other children (I have just stayed downtown when she has gone to school and this has been great)

Thanks again for all your efforts this year.”
– Kids Club Parent, 2019-2020